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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  December 2, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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oprah tieses off -- oprah tieses off site. they sayçó this is purelyxd a football decision. losing that intimate connectionó with their fans. >> our training cams are special, special to us and the community. and we didn't want to lose that, but we also realized that football wise this was beaters to train here. >> this is an unintended cans consequence -- consequence of the nfl lockout. they are floating the idea of a clinic in the city. reporting for abc2 news. one of the many reasons they
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thought the ravens would not abandon the training camp tradition was because of steve bisciotti. he said this is difficult. some of my best memories as a kid was my family's visit to training camp and the players who made it great. bisciotti went on to say he regrets it takes away an important connection with the fans but hope that the team can find another way to connect with the fan base. log on to our facebook page and share your thoughts. baltimore city d-baltimore county is celebrating another closure.
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they have sealed off the tunnel which has become a magnet for criminal activity. csx freight trains run over the railroad which goesok through lansdowne. the peopleçó to travel. but there's little safety today. jackie has spent time cleaning graffiti. >> our building's always got graffiti. the county doesn't want that. if we don't clean this up, we're find $800. >> reporter: customers are fearful of parking near the tunnel entrance. >> i know there are a lot of drugs going on there. it's used as a urinal.
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there's some drinking. it's not a good place. >> for eight years they have been trying to get it closed. >> reporter: he campaigned with a pledge to wall off the tunnel within a year of his election. he met that has workers sealed it off. >> the original purpose was for pedestrians to walk through safely. unfortunately, it's been used for anything but that. it has attracted a bad element. by closing it, we are hoping to close off some of the problems. >> reporter: the project cost $12,000. jackie jones said that's cheap compared to the cost of leaving it over, the cost of crime and lost business. the county also shifted around bus routes to help people move safely from one side of
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lansdowne to another. police say they have called on the atf to help investigate 13 molotov cocktail attacks in september. they've raised the reward to $5,000. call 888-atf-fire. most of those attacks have been in the northwest section of baltimore city. a virginia judge has ruled that the family of the man accused of killing a cockeysville college has to decide if they want to be in court at the too many of trial or make statements. the ban does not allow family members of accused to testify if they were in the courtroom for the murder trial. the lawyers argue the trial and the sentencing would be separate proceedings. huguely is charged in the killing of yeardley love. a hearing has been set for
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later this month. it's scheduled for december 20th. nine black voters said the new district maps dilutes the black vote in the state of maryland. the man accused of conspiring to suppress the black vote took the stand. paul schurick testified that julius henson cam up with the idea. he approved the approved robocalls telling voters that governor o'malley and president obama had already won. it is cooling off. some spots hanging on like the inner harbor. eastern shore you're in the 40s. we veaf a new cold frontçó that
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will come through as a dry front overnight. it will drop the temperatures a little bit. the rest of the evening from the 50s to the 40s. tomorrow you wake up to 30s. we climb to near 50 in the afternoon. it's a cooler day tomorrow but still sunshine. how do things shape up for sunday and beyond? we talk about that coming up. when this comes to being a firefighter or paramedic, the job can be very challenging and extremely busy. at one fire house, busy may be considered a big understatement. joce sterman explains what busy means. >> reporter: fire house magazine which compile last list of the busiest fire houses in the country said the busiest is john f steadman's fire station. that's on the corner of lombard and utah. it opened in 1973 and houses six units. in 2010 the steadman fire
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station was called on 29,000 runs an average of 79 calls a day, 14% more than any other station. those numbers compared to others had fire house magazine declare it the busiest in the country. those who worked there gain experience. >> i wouldn't think there's a call in the city it couldn't handle. it's got hazmat, rescue, medic units, engine companies. so like i said, i don't think there's a hall in the city that this house couldn't handle. >> reporter: this one station travels into baltimore and anne arundel for calls. the john f. steadman has two medic units, battalion six and they will only get busier if there are more cuts to theht fe department. joce sterman, abc2 news. the baltimorexd county schom
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to help findxd a new'a7 superintendent. superintendentxd hiredxd by mid. the company also conducted searches for -- searches for baltimore city. the ravens are gearing up for sunday's game against the cleveland browns but will they play. the forecast for ray lewis and why the ravens could be home for the entire playoffs. you're looking live at a tree lighting ceremony. why it's a fitting tribute to those who sacrificed for our freedom. >> no two-degree winner today. we'll talk about our flex weather maker. it will make a difference in
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your saturday. details coming up.
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for many folks, it's the chance to get the perfect christmas tree for the holiday. they are hoping you will get a fresh cut tree in maryland. it not only helps local farmers, but it helps the environment in many ways. of course cutting a local tree could become a family tradition. >> i like to do this because
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going to the store is not as -- not very christmassy. it's like shopping. >> you don't know when they were first cut or where they were cut or how long it took them to get them at the walmart, home depot other than here. >> believe it or not christmas trees are grown in all 50 states including, yes, my friends, hawaii. when it comes to selecting that perfect tree, here are a few tips from the u.s. fire department. first, make sure the needles are fresh. fresh trees are green and hard to pull from the back of the branches. make sure the needles do not break off the (zqq make sure thea5ñi trunk is stid the trunk. you can figure out if it's old byxd powncing it. if añiw3 lot of needlesxd fall t
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was probably cut a long time ago. last -- tonight a poignant tree lighting ceremony is taking place. it will be for those who served their country. lynette? >> reporter: i'm at deer tree community center. you can see behind me we're doing a tree lighting ceremony. this is for the men and women in the armed forces. you can see them right behind us. here to talk about what's going on tonight, i have rob here. rob, tell everybody what you do. >> what's going on currently, as the young ladies are deck rating the tree, they're placing the yellow ribbons in honor of those currently serving and also, the white lights represent those missing in action or killed in
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action. >> reporter: this is the tree lighting ceremony. what's going on after that. >> we will be having a great gift giveaway upstairs in the community center with hot chocolate and free gifts to those who need them. >> reporter: this is such a wonderful idea. how did this come to fruition? >> we had a gentleman who was serving in iraq. he was with the marine reserve division and when he returned, we -- i incorporated with him and came up with something to on north men and women of the armed forces this season. >> reporter: you know what, this is a spectacular thing. you see people with warm hearts, kindness. you have time to get here. so make sure you come down and show your support. i'm going to toss this over to
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wyatt. we're loving you. you're bringing fabulous weather. >> it's the spirit of the holidays and everything combined up there in cockeysville oar poor exactly. >> awesome scene. >> happy to see the weather holding up nicely. 51 now, so not that chilly for an early december 9th. it was a harsh night, not shaping up that way, just a light northwest breeze. speaking of the holidays, we want your holiday photos. two ways to send them. post them on our facebook page, my page or abc 2 and we will get them on air. we have our first one in from jim schuler. look at mt. vernon last night. that's an awesome shot. fireworks. we got the christmas tree, the whole scene at the washingtont(
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monument. %o/?pçó sunnyymxd sky, longñik earlyçólp sunsetse1 hag past 4:40. we'll see the days continue to get shorter as we go into late december. gaithersburg, nice sunset. now maryland's most powerful radar showing clear. that will be the case all weekend. temperatures running on the mild side. there are 40s the eastern shore. 45 in easton. no 30s on the map. highs up around 6 -- 60. it will drop temperatures by 10 degrees. why look for 60's but low 50s. as we take a look at the region, it's all clear. north of us, some snow there. we've got a new developing
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system. what we're watching is this cool front that will shoot through as a dry front and drop our temperatures. we're going to quickly warm back up into sunday. you see we're christmas tal clear, a few -- we're crystal clear. the next storm system for monday and tuesday and won't get out of here until wednesday. a north breeze. that cooler temperature will arrive tomorrow. we think 50 or so at the airport. much of the earlier part in the 40s. 34 tomorrow night. your seven-day forecast, check this out, a warming trend as we go into the second half of the week. we're pushing 60 as we go from monday into tuesday. it could mean the last part of that storm, a few flakes west of the city. we'll see. >> is that unusual for december
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to be that warm? >> 50s our average. it's a little unusual but not too many complaints. >> not at all. we hope with the arrival of december that you and your children would help a lot of folks out. it'sxd the annuali] kindertimeor drive. we're joining with celebree learning fromxdxd now until decr 22nd. donate new, unused toys to celebree learning centers. you will find the information on our home page. >> as the ravens get ready for their game against the cleveland browrntion the question is will
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ray lewis miss the third straight game. he missed practice. the missed practices are a bad sign that the ravens haven't played since thanksgiving. of course, ray lewis could still play despite missing practices but that will probably be a game day decision. their future may be better than what the fans realize many they are in a position to be the number one seed. that means home field advantage throughout, but the ravens would have to win on an easy schedule. after sunday's game, they host the colds, travel to san diego and back cleans -- against cleveland. should they win out and are tied with new england, the ravens
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have the tie breaker because they beat pittsburgh twice this season. the information has been sent to season ticket holders already. a university of maryland grad and found are of under armour is the newest billionñr year. it's $1.5 billion, making himñr fourth highestñi billionairi in baltimore. itñr all depends on thexd succef underñixd armour. here'sñr açó look atçób. wp tonight. are you trying to pay down debt and many prove your credit score. five credit card myths that could keep you from financial security. plus, you've heard of
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counterfeit hand bags. what about counterfeit baby formula and sun screen. join us at 11. @ @
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they had the christmas tree lighting. go find a tree. >> for a friday night in december, it's tough to complain. the rest of this evening will fall through the 40s. it will be a slow fall. through the day tomorrow, a little cooler. it struggled to get to 50 late in the day. we'll get a fresh shot of cool air but into the second half of the weekend we'll warm back into the mid-50s and a good collapse for 60s as we go into monday. on the whole, a little cooler, a little breezy. >> did look like weather was coming our way. >> tuesday into wednesday, that's kind of when the weather goes back down. >> thanks for joining us. we'll be back lear at 11 -- here at 11. if not, go to our website
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